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The 7 Amazing features of hydraulic oil


Sometimes we believe we know very well and then we ignore or dismiss the rest…

Some products have characteristics that we would not have thought of, as for hydraulic and lubricating oils.

Machines need specific oils for functioning and are sometimes subject to more or less extreme conditions. The use of oil with multiple characteristics is therefore indispensable. Let’s take a closer look at the 7 functions of hydraulic oil:

1) Energy transmission: transfer energy quickly and accurately in pressure or speed from one point to another. It can be a torque (rotation) or a movement (linear translation).

2) Lubrication: Reduce friction between moving parts by minimizing friction and wear regardless of load, temperature and speed.

3) Cooling: Evacuate the calories created by mechanical work or lamination by the surrounding environment.

4) Protection anticorrosion: Corrosion is a chemical reaction between metals and water. The additives of oils will create a protective film on the metal surfaces of the circuit.

5) Tightness maintaining: The lubricant limits the leaks in the pumps, motors and cylinders thank to a suitable viscosity. It is to prevent the flow of a fluid from one housing to another.

6) Pollutants removing: Mechanical wear, maintenance operations and leakage generate often pollution. The oil transports these particulates and / or aqueous to the filters for retention and elimination.

7) Data indication: The analysis of the sampling oil makes it possible to know precisely the state of the oil and therefore of the system, and then to implement corrective actions or predictive and / or preventive maintenance.

There are two processes to collect information from oil:

  • On-line analysis (via a particle counter): pressure, flow, temperature, cleanliness class, water content, metallic particles, viscosity, digital imaging…
  • Laboratory analysis: physicochemical analysis, spectrograph, grain size distribution, patch weight, filterability, karl-fischer …

That is why it is so important to keep oil in the circuit with a clean status. For this purpose, we should develop priority solutions for fluid conditioning:

  • Upgrading your existing systems with interchangeable filter elements
  • Implementation of solutions for predictive maintenance
  • Filtration and flushing systems for the removal of solid contaminants, free/dissolved water, varnish/soluble/acids & submicron particles…

Only a good awareness of all these parameters can result an effective solution to avoid breakdowns of your systems and then cut maintenance costs.

Thierry VernayAbout Thierry Vernay

I’m expert in fluid filtration, depollution and purification solutions. My technical skills are real assets especially when I come to answering complex problems.

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