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Fluid Conditioning

Filtration, Decontamination & Purification of hydraulic fluids.

The “Fluid Conditionning“ division of EXAGO GROUP responds to all issues related to Filtration, Decontamination and Purification of hydraulic fluids.

We offer various technologies that we control for several years and which can meet all the needs of fluids applications : Reduction of solid pollution, obtaining and measuring cleanliness classes, monitoring and control, removal of water in all its forms or foreign oil regardless the volumes to be treated, decontamination of installation, hoses and pipes.


Fluid analysis, issues identification, analysis reports.

A good understanding requires taking into consideration the whole system: the objectives setting, the treatment systems chosen, the installation constraints and the fluids chemistries used.

Only a good awareness of all these parameters can result a comprehensive and effective solution.

LABORATORY OF OIL ANALYSIS, CONTROL SOLUTIONS, PARTICLE COUNTER: Diagnosis and monitoring of all oil parameters.

Analysis of the need


interchangeable filter elements

+400 000 interchangeable references for major filter suppliers.

EXAGO GROUP offers a large range of interchange elements for main hydraulic filters : we hold more than 400.000 references :

  • On stock or with quick delivery,
  • Attractive prices,
  • High quality,

These elements can be marked with your references or logo of your company,
Manufacturing of obsolete elements.

Interchangeable filter elements

Purifier and filter for water absorption

Reduction of aqueous pollution.

Removing free and dissolved water from oil. Removal of water & particulate from hydraulic and high viscosity lubricating oils.

Reduction of aqueous contamination

Treatment of phosphate ester fluids

Effective treatment.

Removing varnish, soluble, acids and submicron particles.

Treatment of phosphate ester fluids

Standard filtration units

Off line filtration station GFM40

Off line Filtration station GFM40

Cleanliness levels quickly achieved.

Flow : 40 lpm
Filtration 5, 7 and 12 µm B1000
The GFM40 mobile unit allows the transfer and filtration of Hydraulic fluids.
It can be customized to the color of your choice.


Class reached: NAS5 or ISO 16/14/11.

Filtration until 25 µm
The GFM30 mobile unit allows the removal of solid contaminants.

Filtration station GFM30


Totally personalized according to your specifications.

This mobile station can process up to 30 liters per minute at a pressure of 3 bars.
Equipped with an on/off switch, protection IP55 and single phase power, it ensures 10 micron filtration for all types of hydraulic oils.
It can be customized to the color of your company.

Mobile station GRF30


Filtration of viscous oils.

This mobile station can process at a pressure of 14 bars.
It ensures 10 micron filtration.
Filtration of viscous oils : 900 cst in filtration mode and 2000 cst in tranfer mode.

Filtration station GFV15

NGFP4 et 10

Classe atteinte : NAS4 ou ISO 15/13/10.

It makes it possible to clean, transfer and drain easily and quickly. Designed to be transported anywhere, it will filter the tank easily up to 200 liters for a flow of 10 liters/min.
Filtration 25 µm.

Filtration station NGFP4 and 10


Portable everywhere.

This portable station can process up to 30 liters per minute at a pressure of 3 bars.
Equipped with an on/off switch, protection IP55 and single phase power, it ensures 10 micron filtration for all types of hydraulic oils.
It can be customized to the color of your choice.

Portable station GFP30


To Fill, Move and Transfer

The GRFH filling unit is for use with oil drums of 200 liters. Equipped with a battery and a charger, it may be used independently in the workshop.

Filling unit for oil drums GRFH200

Water & Particle counter and Metal particles totalizer

Predictive maintenance : Anticipate and resolve issues before ever happen

Check in real time the level of cleanliness obtained by your filtration group. Determine NAS1638 or ISO4406 Code and % of water saturation level. Instant display of the data on the screen. Data transfer to a PC trough USB, via a simple and user-friendly software for the acquisition of data.

The metal totalizers allow the detection of ferrous and non-ferrous particles. The beginning of wear is quickly identified to limit costly repairs.

Water and particle counter
Metal particles totalizer

Selection of high quality housings

Just make your choice.

Housing duplex, high pressure, tank mounted for the hydraulic applications.
Fibre glass or metallic filtration media, electrical or visual indicator.

Selection of high quality housings
Housings and elements for process applications

Housings and elements for process applications

This is essential for process applications.

We offer a wide range of filters for process application like filtration of water, chemical or any liquid fluid which are part of your production.

Depending on your need, we can select nylon or polypropylène extruded deepth filter, pleated filters with filtration grade down to 0,05 µm. A range of SS housing single or multi cartridges for all your process applications.

Bio-oil conversion

Improved performance and durability.

Exago Group holds the know-how and expertise to perform the conversion to Bio-Oil.
Training and supervision for conversion to Bio-oil, and sale of materials (filtration, particle counter, …). Aggred partners wanted.

Bio-oil conversion

Depollution of hydraulic circuits

We offer our services everywhere.

Exago Group can perform depollution of hydraulic systems, for mobile, naval, industrial, power generation, oil&gas applications.
Training for the depollution, partenership with local companies, sale of depollution materials.

Depollution of hydraulic circuits

Stations for decontamination & purification of hydraulic fluids.

Oil cleanliness group

Manufacturing process entirely managed.

Fluid type : military fluid Farhi
Flow : 150 lpm. Pressure : 15 bar. Filtration grade : 3 um β> 1000
The design, manufacturing, assembly and testing are fully controlled and performed by Exago Group.

Oil cleanliness group

Flushing & test unit

Performance and reliability.

Station for performing the operations of flushing and validation of pressure resistance.
Maximum pressure: 500 bar. Flow: 500 lpm.
Equipped with a filtration 3 microns beta 1000.

Flushing and test unit

On assembly line

Tested. Approved. Efficient.

The station allows to achieve rapidly the wanted oil cleanliness level in the hydraulic circuit of vibratory machine for seismic simulation.
Equipped with 6 microns filtration B 5000. Oil type: Mineral ISO VG46

On assembly line

Flushing unit for oil extraction

Ideal in hazardous environments.

Flushing station delivering a flow of 170 lpm at 210 bar
Equipped with 3 microns filtration beta 200 Hy-Pro and microfiltration.
Use of water-based low viscosity fluids (water / glycol and Ocean 443).

Flushing unit for oil extraction