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Gess Indonesia: our feedback about this exhibition!


Unmissable event: GESS INDONESIA 2015 in Jakarta

This is a trade fair for training solutions that has been organized every 2 years for more than 10 years.

Their experience of the world education market has proven to be highly effective.

GESS Education, which is at the initiative of such global events as in Indonesia or Dubai, has a growing international influence. It is a place of exchange and business opportunities where gathers all the leading decision-makers in the education sector.

Prestigious conferences and events have been organized as the GESS Education Awards to reward ambitious and innovative companies. The objective for these events is to contribute to the tomorrow’s education and to develop the education market in Indonesia and in Asia.

Fast growing training systems supplier start-ups like Exago Group have a real interest in participating in this major event. Visitors are looking for new training methods and innovative materials.

In that respect, we joined the 2015 edition in partnership with a local company Solid Energi Internasional (SEI). Our idea is to prove to educational institutions and decision-makers that students can learn hydraulics in play-learning mode.

How? Students will achieve their hydraulic learning with a training system equipped with recognized brand components in the world.

GESS Indonesia gave us the opportunity to meet with customers from around the world and share with them our experience & solutions in hydraulic training. The different possibilities we had to meet customers (trade fair, seminar, visit of local schools and companies …) confirmed a great potential in the education sector in Indonesia.

Training and business travel in Indonesia

We extend sincere thanks to the SEI team, for their warm welcome, fantastic organization and time spent with us during our trip to Indonesia…

A few weeks later, two engineers of SEI came to our premises at Ancenis in France to have a first check of training systems going to be delivered to Indonesia and get the training for start-up & commissioning of these systems.

We also discussed with them the potential in Indonesia for our fluid conditioning activity. We spent a rich and informative week with them.

The two SEI engineers validated their commissioning training and obtained the certificates before their return trip to Indonesia.

Dan WangAbout Dan Wang

My daily job is to reply inquiries from export, to manager good relationship with international customers, and to accompany them until the delivery and commissioning of our products

At Exago Group, the innovation and commitment to our customers is paramount.

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