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Study case : How DEWA Academy will train young Emiratis in hydraulics?


As described in a previous article about skills revolution and its consequences on the industrial market, Industry and Institution face or will face the challenge to find the relevant skills they need to keep growing and improving their organization.

In a working environment where young and less young can easily attempt to change jobs either for better pay or gaining new experiences, employer should try to attract and retain talents. One way to do so is to offer employees regular training sessions in order to increase their skills, knowledge and learnability.

Advantage is double: getting new skills employees will not be encouraged to look for a new job and the company will ensure that their working forces are up-to-dated with newest technologies. This situation is exacerbating in the applications related to Hydraulic. Hydraulic talents became already golden nuggets (as welder or IT programmer are), but most of them are from Baby-boom, that means going in retirement in the coming years, which will even worsen the scarcity.

A prestigious Middle East Institution, DEWA, as clearly identified this situation and took major decisions.

Dewa is “Dubai Electricity and Water Authority“. Formed on the 1 January 1992 by late Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum, this company provides Electricity and Water to the 1.6 million Dubai’s inhabitants.

Dewa Academy in Dubai (UAE)

Following the vision of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and under the Impulse of Dewa MD & CEO, Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, prestigious DEWA collect records and awards : It succeed to reduce power and transmission and distribution networks to 3.3 % compare to 6-7 % in Europe or USA. For water distribution, results are even brighter: the losses decreases by 8.0 % compare to 15 % in the USA.

New projects are similar to expansion of Dubai: booming. Expansion of the M-Station will bring its capacity to 2.760 MW in 2018. Total DEWA capacity will then reach 10.000 MW of electricity and 470 million imperial gallons per day of desalinated water to meet rapidly expanding demand. By its rapid development and efficiency, DEWA will contribute to the great success to the “World Expo 2020” in Dubai.

But DEWA is not only satisfied with the best, willing to keep its strong advanced, Management has decided to supply to young Emiratis a modern Training Academy, capable to provide skills (theoretical and practical) which are scarce : electrical, welding, pneumatic, hydraulic…

Dewa's trainers in training with Exago Group's staff

Exago Group and BCL, our partner in the UAE, has been selected to provide to Dewa Academy 4 Hydraulic didactic benches which will enable trainer to teach Hydraulic in a modern and practical way.

The 2 ingredients of success are now present: the Human and the Knowledge. The new Dewa academy will permit to increase overall knowledge of actual and future Dewa employees, especially for the hydraulic applications.

The four supplied benches by Exago Group consist of one SHCO V1 bench, one SHCO 4.0 (connected bench) and two operative parts: one telescopic crane equipped with Programmable Logic Controller and one crane equipped with Manual Control to be connected to the SHCO.

Commissioning of hydraulic didactic benches for DEWA Academy

We’re training mechanical teachers (Prof. Adam Haron, Prof. Mohamed Abu-Atiyeh, Prof. Mohamed Hefnawy and Prof. Imabong Ekwere) on this hydraulic didactic benches.

Thank you professors and thank you Mr. Khalid Bin Masood (Dewa Academy General Manager) for your welcoming and your trust!

Thank you also to BCL’s staff: Mr. Ravi Venugopal, Mr. Mohammed Nizam and Mr. Muhammad Meraj Uddin for your cooperation!

Certificate of hydraulics seminar participation

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