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Hydraulic technologies are booming but underestimated challenges jeopardize manufacturers


Either in Europe or in rapidly growing countries like in Middle East, Industry, mobile manufacturers and end-users will face in the near future huge technological challenges : complexity of material is growing at a never seen rate before (technology of tomorrow does not exist today), skilled hydraulic experts from baby-boomer generation arrive progressively to well deserved retirement time. Last but not least, the global economy will face a revolution of the employers – Employee relationship.


The increase in the rate of technological development reaches a level never seen in the history. We are in the new industrial revolution: Industry 4.0. New technology is arriving every day, and it will challenge either the company or their employees as it will be necessary to keep up-to-date with these technologies constantly. In fact training will be a part of work-life, and learning ability will become a key factor to remain employable!

Regarding talents shortage, employers today are having difficulty finding skilled trades, technicians and engineers. With 3 % of the population arriving to retirement in the coming 5 years in Europe (4 % for Germany, 3,4 % in USA), this situation will degrade in the coming years if nothing is done to train young students and attract them working in the industry rather than in the IT field.

Finally as the Millennials and Generation Z will make up 2/3 of the workforces in 2030, new relationship should be built within the company. The job for life is out of date, “job for now” is dying, we are now in a frame time where (young) workers are looking rather for a “Career for me” where the acquisition of skills will be one of the way to attract and fidelize talents.


As Government, Trade Union and Industry did not take enough into account this new situation, skill shortages will worsen: the hydraulic know-how and experience will vaporize if nothing is done.

The Middle Est invest massivly in training

If companies want to continue assuring 2-digit growth, young replacement work-force and engineer should be trained in Hydraulics with up-to-date technology, in place workers and management team should be rapidly and continuously trained to keep-on with arriving new hydraulic technologies.

But unfortunately, Hydraulics is still the poor cousin in mechanical departments of university, though its importance is growing in the conception of any complex industrial process, forcing industrials to hire expensive overseas sub-contractors for maintenance and repair.

Some prestigious institutions in Middle East have understood this challenge, have invested massively in training academy with Exago Group’s technology and materials. Breaking news is coming soon about these new equipments.

Exago Group offers to the didactic and educational sector a comprehensive range of Training Benches and related accessories to allow training centers and universities to up-date their laboratory hydraulic materials, and supply to their teachers (trainers) and students (trainees) the most advanced and smartest hydraulic courses. Always keeping an eye on the new developments, our benches are constantly improved and incorporated with the newest technology developed by the most famous hydraulic manufacturers.

Before the end of 2017, we should be able to supply a full hydraulic training package! We will update this information to you in our September publishing.

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