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Hydraulic Didactic Equipments

Learning in a fun and practical way

We manage from concept, through manufacturing and final installation & commissioning of hydraulic power units and systems over a number of years. In that respect, we naturally duplicate our hydraulic know-how for the education sector.

Our training equipment is truly innovative and in total correlation with the technical applications and constraints required by our customers.

The aim is to answer the needs of teachers / trainers with a reliable, educational and recreational material. Students from many sectors related to the hydraulics: agro-equipment, agricultural machinery, hydraulic maintenance, mechanics, aerospace or naval … will therefore be able to learn hydraulics in a practical way.

Each training bench is equipped with famous brand components and has different functionalities related to hydraulics. For example, students can simulate the automatic cycle of a forging press, reproduce the movement of an aerial work platform or a telescopic crane, or understand hydrostatic and steering transmissions with our didactic range.

The + for students: to interact on the hydraulic part like on real machines that they can find in the real industrial machinery and vehicle manufacturers.

If you need a training bench coupled with an operative part (e.g. SHCO 4.0 + Aerial work platform SHBN) and optional pedagogical accessories (training kits or particle counters), you can choose our Pack Ranges. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

On-site offer of competence according to your need

Commissioning and training on the use of delivered equipments

Installation, commissioning and training on the use of delivered equipments on your premises.

Materials reception and training at our center in France

Materials reception and training at our center in France

On site offer of competence

On-site offer of competence according to your need in the following sectors of activities.

Standard & on request didactic training equipments

SHCO 4.0

Technology 4.0: the digital is here!

Connect directly to remote access from a Smartphone, a tablet or a PC!

SHCO 4.0


Understanding industrial and mobile hydraulics.

Open circuit training bench, On-Off and/or Proportional with PVG32, fixed/variable displacement pump, manual and electrical control.



The fundamentals of a closed circuit.

The hydrostatic transmission bench BHT3 is intended for trainings in mobile hydraulics.



Completely modular and upgradeable systeme.

On-Off, Proportional or Combined Single or double side training bench.


All our training equipments are delivered with a training guide: User’s manual, Exercise workbook…

Training guide

Operative parts, telescopic crane & didactic systems



Understand the principles of a hydrostatic steering.

Operative part SHDH Hydrostatic drive & wheel motor. Should be connected to the BhT3 bench for operation.


Similar to a real industrial system.

Telescopic crane training benches equipped with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

 POGT-API telescopic crane training benches


Materialization of hydraulic functions.

Telescopic crane training benches equipped with Manual Control. Should be connected to the SHCO or BHI4 bench for operation.

POGT-M Grue télescopique manuelle


Reproduce the hydraulic movements.

Aerial work platform miniaturization – On-Off, Proportional.

SHBN Aerialwork platform miniaturization


Simulate an automatic forging cycle.

Practical exercices of automatic or manual cycle in a hydraulic press.

SHBP Hydraulic press

Hydraulic didactic training kits

Exago Group offers a complete range of accessory kits for hydraulic trainings that may be associated with our didactic benches.

Simulation of maintenance actions

Introduce breakdowns. Make proper diagnosis.

Hydraulic defective components for simulations of maintenance actions.

Trouble shooting kit

Industry Proportional kit – ​Digital version

An advantage for students.

Digital amplifier card Open and/or closed loop.

Industry proportional kit

Mobile datalogger kit

Analyses have never been simpler.

Hand held diagnostic tester of flow, pressure, temperature or speed. Start the measurement immediatly!

Mobile datalogger kit

Fluids control solutions

Sampling kit

Determine the correct cleanliness class.

The sampling kit includes the necessary tools to collect a sample of oil.

Oil sampling kit

Oil Analysis kit

Sample. Analyse. Determine.

Oil Analysis Kit with filtration system and digital microscope.

Oil analysis kit


Simple and rapid diagnosis of particulate contamination.

Portable Water & particle counter.

Water and particle counter CPH2O-PO