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A very innovative training bench!

This bench totally differs from traditional panel type benches as an innovative training bench both in design and presentation.
Students can thus do the hydraulic exercises not only in front but also around of the bench.
With this equipment, the emphasis is put on reflecting on hydraulic circuits and assembly & disassembly of Cetop 3 industrial components by the students.
The bench represents a hydraulic power unit, with the specificities of a hydraulic simulator, so that the students are put in situation.

Open circuit bench, On-Off or Porportional control or mixed control of these two technologies.
SHCO V1 – ON OFF CONTROL (gear pump & manual control valve)
SHCO V2 – ON OFF CONTROL (piston pump)
SHCO V3 – ON OFF + PROPORTIONAL (Directional Control Valve (piston pump & PVG 32)

SHCO Made in France

Designed and realized in our factory.

CETOP Icon TOR icon Proportional Icon

Its design and functions are considerably similar to real machines. Students now have the opportunity to practice on equipment that they will later find in industry. Hydraulic exercises are done around of the bench but not just on the front face.

Block Cetop 3 function

Block CETOP 3 function for on-off controls.

Load regulation block: Cylinder & motor.

Electric connection by Harting plug.

PVG 32 Valve for proportional control of motors and cylinders.

Store of hydraulic Components

Store of hydraulic components.

3 axis proportional manipulation for PVG 32 control.

Axial pistons pump with variable cylinder capacity with constant pressure and “Load Sensing” regulatory system.

Hydraulic motors.

Double acting cylinders.

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