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Business Mission to the Islamic Republic of Iran – Potential market


Many companies overlook Iran while this Country offers many attractive opportunities.

This is what we found during our business trip in Iran.

Under embargo for many years, Iran faces substantial international economic sanctions. Hereafter, this country will have to invest heavily in infrastructure and open up their market to foreign investors and companies.

Moreover, the local high level education reflects an impressive market potential. This is a very interesting fact for us as a hydraulic training equipments manufacturer.

It was then time to seize this opportunity in a Country as Iran at the key crossroads between Europe and Asia.

The Nantes CCI organized a business mission to Tehran to discover the great potential of the market. Thierry Vernay, our export manager then participated in this event in Iran.

Professional meetings in Iran

He visited Renault’s mechanical plant during the trip. The feedback was very interesting even if it is a multinational company and not a SME like us. However, the market view remains the same.

He participated in BtoB appointments with local Iranian companies organized by Nantes CCI. Moreover, Behtam (Iran Total) visited our premises in France a few months later to discover our filtration and de-pollution systems as well as training equipments.

In addition, we took advantage of this business trip to meet our local partner in Iran: MBN. With their cooperation, Thierry was able to visit the technical and mechanical departments of various universities such as Amirkadir University of Technology. The professors are enthusiastic and wish to find a second wind for Iranian educational situation.

To conclude, the Iranian market is a good opportunity to explore the export business of a company. It is possible to start a new approach to the Iranian market even if it is still unstable.

Growth prospects appear promising: 7% in 2017-2018. If a long-term development strategy is envisaged in this market, companies will have a real advantage.

Thierry VernayAbout Thierry Vernay

I’m expert in fluid filtration, depollution and purification solutions. My technical skills are real assets especially when I come to answering complex problems.

At Exago Group, we constantly seek ways to create added value through our advance, products and service.

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